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Production Artificial Hymen


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hymen production step 1




Organic fast water-soluble cellulose compound was specifically invented for use in the human body. All the ingredients are organic and non-critical. Our products are even halal-compliant as no ingredient is processed product of pig or gelatin



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Each batch of the product is produced in a German laboratory for microbiology. We don’t overproduce products to keep ourselves all time stocked. The artificial blood is biologically made and is very much identical to the original blood.


hymen production step 3

This granulate is applied under clean conditions to a previously cut-off membrane and closed with a second, uniform membrane.

This is put into a parchment bag to protect the combination.


hymen production step 4



You need to apply these refined products under clean conditions to a previously cut-off membrane which is closed with a second uniform membrane.



hymen production step 5


To protect our product we place them in a parchment bag and each bag is then packed individually in an aluminum pouch to protect its contact with air and water. Everything is packed safely and hygienically. Even if the color pigments don’t look red before usage there is no need to worrying. As soon as the powder comes in touch with the moisture it turns into blood red. On opening, the product gets in contact with moisture and cellulose dissolves completely and liquifies the granulate.



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