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Virginia Care Vagina Tightening Gel
revitalize100 made in germany
Vagina Tightening Gel Revitalize 100
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Vagina Tightening Gel Revitalize 100

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Vagina Tightening Gel | Intimate Cosmetic

Our Vaginal Tightening Gel is not an ordinary gel, nor is it a chemical product. Our gel consists of 100% natural ingredients and was developed under the guidance of Gynecologists and Dermatologists. Vaginal Tightening Gel helps to moisturize, tighten and revitalize the vagina. Not only does it tighten your vaginal walls, but it also restores elasticity.

The advantages of Revitalize 100™:

Firms the vaginal entrance and is used as a lubricant because it is safe to use with condoms, ideal for post-pregnancy vaginal care.
With a single daily application, you can notice the intense positive result within 1-2 weeks.

Product Features;
  • Tightens the Vagina
  • Prevents a dry Vagina
  • Natural cleaning
  • Vitamins
  • Content: 60 ml
  • MDD: Gel after opening 12 months
  • Made in Germany


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This product is also made up of the following Active Substance


Witch Hazel


Hamamelis is astringent. It shrinks swollen tissue and relieves itching and irritation. It contains many natural tannins that can shrink inflamed, swollen tissue, and tighten the pores. Hamamelis also contains gallic acid, which has antiviral and anti-fungal properties.

Aloe Vera


This is the most common and best-known ingredient for its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties to maintain a healthy balance in the vagina. It also promotes cell regeneration, why it is found in so many beauty products. Vaginal cell regeneration helps revitalize and restore healthy skin.

Chamomilla Recutita flower extract


The dried flowers of chamomile contain many terpenoids and flavonoids that contribute to their medicinal properties. It has naturally calming and supportive properties and is a natural renewable resource. It helps to add the softening and moisturizing properties of the formula.


Allantoin occurs in botanical extracts of the comfrey plant. It helps to rejuvenate the vaginal walls thanks to its beneficial effects, which have a moisturizing and keratotic effect, by increasing the water content of the extracellular cells and improving the desquamation of the upper layers of dead skin cells. It increases the skin smoothness and cell proliferation promotes wound healing and it has a soothing, soothing, and skin-protecting effect.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint is considered astringent, antiseptic, emetic, and stimulating. Topical peppermint supplements are used to soothe the itching and to relieve irritation and inflammation. Its antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties prevent Candida fungal infection. Painful cramps and nausea caused by a period can be alleviated thanks to their help. Peppermint acts as muscle relaxation and thus reduces the pain of cramps. Water-diluted peppermint oil can be used as a deterrent to relieve skin problems such as rashes and dry skin. Infections, itching, allergic rashes, and bacterial infections have all been treated with peppermint and help to maintain balanced vaginal health.